Where’s the sense of Urgency!

March 22, 2017: Just returned from the 2017 International Home and Housewares Show.  Always a vibrant atmosphere that rejuvenates participants in an industry characterized by great people and brands.  Real innovation in many cases is still lacking and consequently, excitement in many categories is stymied. New colors and shapes are not new products, the marketplace has always rewarded innovation, it is management’s job to foster it and reward it.  Retailer and manufacturer enthusiasm was high and expectations for higher consumer spending throughout the year abounds so lets give them something to get exited about!.

It’s Time!

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March 15, 2017: We are excited to re-ignite the consulting work after a few years working as the business leader of branded housewares businesses.

International growth: A balance of competencies: Posted by The Chief Outsider on Sun, Mar 03, 2013

Our blog today is by guest blogger Mark Buss.  http://bit.ly/10gKChD

Many companies today rush into new categories, products or services without the common sense of recognizing core competencies. This is doubly true when organizations seek international expansion, too often producing discouraging initial results, damping the further commitment required as a significant growth driver.